Portable 6" Plate Rack

Portable 6" Plate Rack Dimensions with opinion from Michael Bane


  • Target and Stand separate for easy transport
  • Common 2x4 upright for easy height adjustment
  • Precision Spin
  • Greasable Pivots for Long Life - Even Outdoors!


For Rimfire Shooting$900

1/8" AR500 Steel Shooting Surfaces

For Handgun Shooting$940

1/4" AR500 Steel Shooting Surfaces

For Rifle Shooting$1020

3/8" AR500 Steel Shooting Surfaces

For Magnum Rifle Shooting$1125

1/2" AR500 Steel Shooting Surfaces

Recommended Calibers

Recommended for Magnum Rifle Shooting - 300 Win Mag at 300+ yards
Recommended for Rifle Shooting - 308 Winchester at 150+ yards
Recommended for Magnum Handgun Shooting - 357 mag at 50+ yards
Recommended for Handgun Shooting - 9mm Luger at 10+ yards
Recommended for Rimfire Shooting - 22LR at 10+ yards

A Blast With Handguns!

Awesome Fun with Rifles!

Complete With Michael Bane's Seal of Approval!